Over the past few years, everybody has always been talked about how important of the content. Most bloggers said, “The perfect content should be unique, comprehensive, and pretty long, so it will be the best, and Google will consider it as particularly valuable.” I still agree with this, but just because all of them thought, that’s not the case for a long time.

This is also the case with the supposedly new content. Nowadays, how many writers are creating new content? No matter what idea you may have for an article, just enter it into Google and you will probably find at least 5 blogs that already had this idea, or even more detailed. “New doesn’t exist, there is only good and bad content.”

You don’t have to write anything new. The secret or the truth is that you just have to be better than everyone else. Content doesn’t have to be new, it just has to be really awesome. There are so many articles on the Internet, but usually only by people without real knowledge, without activity knowledge, or without the plan. So it’s really great to add value to it by stealing those ideas and create a new awesome content. Even, my favorite writer, Jeff Goins also said “Creativity is stealing. When you “steal like an artist,” you follow in the footsteps of history’s greatest creative minds. But before you become an artist, you must first become a thief.”

Every Artist is a Thief! And I’m one of them!

Here are 5 powerful writing tips that should help you better than the competition. It just needs to be simply awesome.

1. Writes More Than Competitor!

The first rule that you should follow the step to the genius content is More and More. It means to write more than all the others. E.g, your competitor or the competition article with your idea, is 1,000 words? Well, and now, you have to write a long article with 2,000 words, which puts your competitors in the shade.

Of course, the quality shouldn’t be lost, so you have to take the necessary time and also show a lot of vigor and activity knowledge. We’re not talking about the “Downgrade” of an article, but about writing it carefully longer, more fully, in more detail. Because you know more and want to offer more. So you are already clearly ahead of the competition.

2. Writes More Recently!

At this point, you have to search for the trending topic and it should be the topic that you want to write, even if it already exists, you are still in the advantage of time. Find a question of current trends, studies, new ideas or theories, and write about it as fast as possible.

The important thing is to make your article as up-to-date as possible. Google loves up-to-date news, and when key trends fall as keywords, it can have a very positive impact on your ranking.

3. Write More Naturally!

Writing is simple, but many people end up in long, difficult to read text sections. It acts like a mess in front of the head, then it will waste the time of most readers. Let’s say you’re looking for a tiny piece of information. Then someone throws a book, as thick as the Bible, on the table and says, “There’s what you want to know.” Not very helpful, right?

So, It’s really necessary that the certain questions are answered at the beginning. It is important that you refresh your content, with pictures, videos, with cleverly organized paragraphs and headings. Additionally, special designs can help to make long texts understandable.

Makes it even better than the competition. Understand your readers, use all the media you have available, and adjust the text so that it is visually fresh and free, with enough free space for the eyes and not compacted with tight-fitting.

4. Writes More Intelligibly!

E.g, Your rival is on the 1st page of Google and his article is not good enough or high-quality yet? Go! Go! Check his article and look for the weak, then make it better with your article!

Write your text more intelligently, more structured, more relevant, so that people will understand it more easily and quickly. Use simple language instead of logic language. So, the visitors will share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ or even link them in forums, etc.

Nobody wants a complicated topic if a topic can also be presented simply and easily that everyone can understand. So why be complicated? Or, as Apple once said, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. That’s true 100%! And it should always be kept in our mind. The truth is being simple is often more difficult than it seems.

5. Writes With Source!

If you wrote a lot of articles but didn’t link to anywhere or every link set to be “NoFollow”, because you were afraid it could steal your visitors. OK! Now! C’mon! Write with sources, don’t be afraid to link. Stop using these DoFollow / NoFollow tricks and make it simple.

I don’t mean to wildly link all kind of sources, but if there is a really high-quality page, from which many of the information has been collected, you can link to it safely, even if it is a direct competitor. Maybe this is even fair, they also can link to you back.

Especially, that doesn’t matter. Google is just like a God! She knew everything! Just link the legitimate sources and real links. She will forgive and accept! It is a mistake to think that every outgoing link is a bad link. So you just need to have more courage to link the source that is the suggest source, so you doesn’t have to prevent the unnecessarily link or hide the link as “NoFollow”. This doesn’t help you. That doesn’t help anyone. Then, don’t be afraid of fair links.

Re-think and Be Better!

The moral of the story is very easy to pin down. Stop talking about it forever, everything has to be unique, new and world-moving? That doesn’t matter much. Help the user, and be better than the competitors by writing texts more clearly, more fluently and understandably – that will bring the real success.

Awesome content is the special creative writing!

Content doesn’t always have to be new, it just needs to be the first leading content with special creative. Then it will work and overtakes every similar content and every competitor. Quality instead of Quantity.

In fact, that only high-quality content found on the internet. So It’s an obstacle for the new bloggers. It will make you feel down badly. In this sense: you will get trouble to create value, instead of just meaningless to copy, but don’t give up! You will reach your goal in the future. 😉

Thank you for reading this post! I’d be happy to see your thoughts in the comment box.