It is the question of questions because it is exactly when blogging beginners often have to choose between fast or pretty. Both often is not, especially required the knowledge and money.

Cheap Hosting, expensive design, or maybe rent directly to the server and publish it once a purist?

Today, we want to see both sides accurately and see what bloggers is beneficial. Pretty or Fast? That is the question.

Pretty and Impressive

When I started blogging, I was surprised so much what WordPress can do because everything is possible we can change the way it is. It brings more than just a blog functionality, provides me a shop set up to operate a newsletter, add sliders to present a portfolio and still incredibly much more. With WordPress, there are virtually no limits, because who buys the right premium theme, basically anything can transform and implement.

This is exactly the problem because although all the themes look great, bedazzle their clients but usually only with many nice features and promises. But if features are poorly written, always cut the cost of performance. Since the premium theme has a dozen additional scripts and requires huge amounts of code to function correctly but also make it all run greatly by options controlling.

This can cause problems when caching because everything is dynamic and can’t be easy to get away from that. Premium themes are often overloaded limitless and unfocused. So you have all kinds of stuff in the code, which you probably don’t need it. This will affect the performance and since WordPress itself also is not memory friendly, it can kill your chosen hosting package. Overweight Design is never satisfying. But of course, beautiful design is nothing wrong, but just optimized and should be effective.

Fast and Powerful

Fast is what we love! If users have to load a lot of resources and plugins when they visit your blog, it’s very tired of waiting, and especially, it eats the memory very much. Absolutely, in the beginning, you get 50 visitors in a day, and it’s surely nothing happens, but when you get 500 or 1,000 visitors daily are no longer can handle with the cheap hosting. Nevertheless, for WordPress, when used incorrectly, not only web space packages died, but also, all the servers bring to smoke, and, therefore, was my biggest realization over the years of minimalism. Less is more.

It may be great that there is great designed premium themes are for WordPress, but the truth is that you don’t get superficial design at the end forward. Who pays only attention to visual, always has charged it. Who focus on minimalist and discreet remains, holding his common design, which is actually the most important thing. Even when your little blog has thousands of visitors at once, or an article is surprisingly viral. Because that’s important. Clearly, you should try to reduce the resources for perfect performance guarantee because the overloaded design wouldn’t be cool.

Again and again, I try to make this clear to the comparison of the major players. Google, Facebook, and Amazon – None of them didn’t add useless design elements. They all remain minimalist and simple, so it just like any art and minimize waste of resources. Also, why they are so successful because they set easily on design, rather than overloaded unnecessarily or inflate. The design follows function, not the other way around!

So Which One is Better?

You’ve already guessed it? The question of what is really better can be so naturally never answer. Many claim Design is important because users demand reportedly worth as much on it. Personally, I also think so, but performance is very important than design.

Especially, minimalism is also a form of design, namely the best performing because it combines the minimal in the source. A white wall may fascinate anyone, but they also upset someone.

Do you know the meaning of 3 biggest company above?

  • What is Google? Stay Focus!!!
  • What is Facebook? Easy To Handle!!!
  • What is Amazon? Always Access Fastly!!!

These 3 points can tell us that too complicated design is not great. Performance is very important! In fact, minimalism is quite understood as style and who owned, he can always offer the best possible performance to his visitors. Less, but better.

Can you tell me which one you choose for your blog? For me, I love both I love the beautiful design but I also focus on performance because it’s very important for SEO ranking. I’d love to see in the comment box below! Thanks! 😉