Nowadays, Google+ has a huge number of users, but would it be good for bloggers or not?

As we known, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can’t help so much for bloggers, but the number of users is very high and it is also a good alternative to organic traffic. So, is it worth to try it?

Why do you should get connected as a Blogger to Google+? and what you should look, and learn about it? Let’s find out!

Why do you should be active with Google+?

Unlike numbers of Facebook users, Google+ is relatively low and really nobody knows how it will go in the future.

In fact, the information we are using on Google+ can be included in the search results ranking too, even, it is not as clear and unambiguous, but it is assumed that Google will certainly use the data of its own social networks in any way.

In addition, Google+ posts appear in the Google search results among the few results that are displayed with the image. It can give a direct impact on SEO rankings in Google search.

The way into Google+

There are basically 2 ways to use Google+.

Firstly, you can create a normal profile. Anyone who registers new to Google, this has been created automatically. Who already longer has a Google account to Google+ can also easily unlock. A normal profile is designed for personal usage and also makes sense for bloggers.

However, you can also think about a company page. This allows a different visual presentation and especially makes sense if you don’t want to make the personal account but the company in the forefront.

Content for Google+

Getting started is so easy, but you should also think about the usage. It’s because Google+ lives like other social networks of interaction and active use. So you should get other interesting people (for me it is mainly bloggers, active users, etc.) to include in their own circles and share interesting posts and give a +1.

Of course, we can publish content very easy, simply copy the link of a specific article and put the link in the link box, the title and the description will show up with an image. This makes it very easy to publish articles.

It also added interesting new features. For example, “Google Hangout On Air”. So you can live stream on the Internet and also include these videos at the request and publish a video on YouTube.

Legal Content

However, Facebook and Google+ also has risks in legal terms.

In terms of service, someone should be careful, don’t even seek common legal requirements. When you receive any contributions by other users should make sure to share any copyright-protected media (photo, video, audio). This can bring trouble.

Furthermore, you should check comments from others whether offensive or also copyright violations are evident.


Although Google+ is facing a somewhat unpredictable future, but nevertheless, it provides opportunities for bloggers for more readers to care.

Do you have any ideas about this social network? 😉

Share it in the comment box below I would love to know about your ideas. 🙂

Thanks! Have a good day! 😀