Hey! I’m really happy to see you read this article. Today, I have some simple tips for you about writing the article. I won’t give you a magic formula here, I just share you my method to avoid spelling mistakes, typing or grammar.

Publishing an article which full of mistakes can not be permitted. It will kill your blog, but also risk pushing your visitor to leave your blog. So here are some rules to follow to avoid mistakes in your articles.

1. Never Publish An Article Directly

This is the best way to forget a mistake. Take the habit of reading your article to make sure all related fields (SEO, keywords, image…, etc.) are filled.

2. Always ReRead

It sounds silly! Lack of time in reading or because you think stubborn in spelling or grammar can make you become a lazy guy. Try to fight the laziness and make yourself become a die hard worker so you will not feel bore.

To do this, save it as a draft and see it in preview. This will allow you to see if your article has something wrong or not. If there is no problem with your article, you can publish it. Whatever happens, always reread your article.

3. If You Doubt, Check It

If during your proofreading, you found that it is poorly worded. Correct it immediately.

KEEP IT SIMPLE! It is always better.

If you are unsure of a word or recognition, check it. As we knew that Google is God. And that’s why Google is your best friend who can help you whatever your problem.

You see, in most cases, someone will already have asked the same question.

4. ReRead & Review

You made the change, corrected small mistakes, and your article is perfect now! But make sure you are not missing any other mistakes.

So do a final reading to be sure, but this time loudly.

5. Don’t Forget SEO Fields

At this point, if you have been re-read your article, and you think it is ready to publish. Please, don’t forget about the SEO fields! Have you taken the time to read in your WordPress interface description, the different fields of your SEO plugin or keywords? Are you sure that there is no fault in these areas? It would be stupid to forget a small mistake at this level.

Is everything OK? Yes!!! It is ready to go now!

Oh! Finally, you can publish or schedule the publication of your article now.

Err is human, and Error is the mistakes that people made.


Now, you know what not to do, and how many of these mistakes you have made? For me, I raise my hand and admit that I made these mistakes so many times. I want to change it too so I hope you can also change it. Do you agree to make it together? 🙂

Do you have any tips to share with me? Please, share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Thanks for reading! Luv YA! 😀