Have you ever heard of Oscobo? This new search engine has entered along with other search engines. It’s originally created in England, Oscobo allows users to surf freely without being tracked and without advertisements.

Oscobo: New alternative search engine that respects the privacy of its users

It founded by two former Yahoo and RIM, Fred Cornell and Robert Perin. Oscobo focuses on the privacy of the personal data of its users. Its promise to be a search engine that surfs freely without tracking or advertising.

Oscobo is not the first alternative search engine that respects the private data of its users. Definitely, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, and Qwant are also the search engine that cares about the user’s privacy. Oscobo also offers anonymous browsing service and guarantees that no personal data will be kept or that cookies will be saved. There is no trace IP address and the search engine also fight against ad targeting.

Absolutely, Oscobo doesn’t have its own index, it uses Bing but its interface is different, it shows the results in two columns: the first gathers the web pages and the second to the motion related tweets.

In sum, Oscobo isn’t advanced but non-intrusive means “No Tracking. Just Search”. This phrase very explicit on the search engine’s home page.

Oscobo: The search engine that says no to intrusive advertising

“Over the months and years, the history of personal data and online activity of users, both inside and outside of a large number of search engines, is under surveillance.” said by Robert Perin in The Next Web. He continued that “Those private data are stored, profiled and sold to advertisers bombard consumers of spam, banner ads and potentially phone direct marketing. The worst part about it is that it can increase the price of products and services offered online.”

Attention Oscobo didn’t completely say no advertising at all but what it won’t does is ad targeting from operations of personal data.

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