Previously, I posted an article talk about how to create a strong and secure password which help prevent hackers steal our passwords and personal information.

Now, I want to introduce my complete password generators list that you can use to generate a high-security password. These days, there are so many bad  guys who spend their time to invent the foolproof strategies to invade the privacy of others for one reason or others, they always attempted to change our passwords all the time, so we can’t give a chance to these messengers of evil who see the internet is a battlefield to highlight their expertise negative. In this article, I will review a list of sites that could help you generate the super strong passwords.

1. Password Bird

It’s a useful site that allows you to generate passwords based on a name, a word, a date that you like.

2. Strong Password Generator

Look at its name is already told you, this site helps you generates the very strong passwords in length according to your needs by including special characters.

3. The Password Meter

This site allows you to generate your strong password by typing one of your choices and judge its strength.

4. Maord

This is a good tool to generate passwords based on several parameters. You can choose the length and the characters included in your password.


It allows you to create all types of passwords; with numbers, letters, or both, easy or difficult to remember.

6. Free Password Generator

In two clicks you have your strong password in hand, just choose the length and click “generate”.

7. Hashapass

Gives you a password hard to guess from a word you choose and a difficult secret word you choose too.

8. PwdHash

With PwdHash, it will ask you to enter a site name and a password and then it will generate  a combination of both.


RANDOM.ORG has a lot of tools which help you get the highest quality true random numbers in the world. And it also owns an option to generate passwords.

10. New Password Generator

It’s a new site in this sense, an easy way and other difficult to generate strong passwords by combining several CARACTERES.
I think with these password generators you will never fall into a nightmare when someone wants to steal your passwords.

Do you like this list? Please, share your thoughts in the comment box below because I’m very happy to hear from you!