When I got my first blog launched on the internet, I made a lot of things gone right, a lot of things gone wrong, and I hadn’t searched for blogging tips in the selection of the name. My blog name is not bad but could have been better.

Definitely, it’s very important that the blog name should be short but meaningful, and people can remember it easily.

1. Blog names that everyone can remember it in a short time.

It is very important that we should make sure our visitors won’t be forgotten our blog name after a few seconds. We need to have a catchy blog name. Let’s imagine we have a blog that based on the basics of blogging niche. Suddenly, a visitor comes to our blog, and they feel completely comfortable with us, so even, they left it, they still remember our blog name. Truly, a great thing because happy readers will come back again. But if they leave your blog and they don’t remember your blog name, it is a stupid thing you did in choosing a blog name.

OK! Now we start to find the perfect name for your blog. First, we could put a combination of many words, that is popular with search engines (more on this later) or choose a catchy blog name that cares about the memory of our visitors.

What do you think about my blog name? Hanibuku is not a good name enough, but it’s short, and easy recognize. This is why I choose this name for my blog. Now, I think that we would go quite well with this first option.

NOTE: “Short and Remember Easily”!

2. Blog names that describe the blog

Short names are well and good. Mostly they also bring something that can make our visitors come back because some people use an RSS reader or a bookmark.

Nevertheless: In addition, relevance name is very great.

Example: When I visit your blog for the first time, I will look at the blog name, the logo, or the favicon in the browser’s bar, etc.

Actually, If your blog promises that I get here will receive more information on the topic I like, I would submit it to my RSS reader. So I will be notified when there are new posts or products to me via my RSS reader. It helps me find your blog in my RSS reader easily because your blog name is relevance to the topic I like.

Plus, this type of blog name can also get on top in the search results of search engines.

NOTE: The blog name describes what is exactly involved in the authentics, it combines a clever and perfectly interested visitors with us. 

Simply choose what you like!!!

3. Blog names that are easy to read

OK! I have been already explained why I prefer short and relevance names. Another look is the simplicity! Bxwvideo.com is actually very short and when it comes to the blog related to movies and other video material, it fits very well with the idea. It is so short and relevant. But, anyway, visitors maybe can’t remember it.

So, you should try to find a simple label and not rely on the following things below:

  • Spelling
  • Technical Terms
  • Anglicisms, etc.

Anyway, that type of name makes perfect sense that guides in the blog name, but If the cumbersome name is not even necessary for your readers, you should leave it out.

There are many incredibly short but “imperceptible” name chosen because they strongly have been guided by its brevity. However, this is from a certain degree nonsense.

Of course, we can also devise technical terms, but these have to be stored in the head and considered that a simple blog name should be the first choice.

My Recommend: You should always try to find a short blog name that describes your topic, people can read your blog name easily, and it can stay in the memory of the blog visitors.

4. Blog names that love the search engines (SEO Blog Name)

I think that a blogger should attach great importance to this aspect. After all, most of our visitors come from a certain point on search engines. Clear, right? I don’t know how much is your knowledge of search engines and targeted optimizing unique pages. Even though, I’m not an SEO Level Pro too! 😀

Search engines have a rather sophisticated algorithm, which determines which side is up when we use them. After all, there are countless blogs and websites in thousands of topics, but which are really important? Now, a search engine is very clear so much, but it is not human. Consequently, it expects wildly to find out the source of different indexes, which best fits the requirements. An important signal for Google is, with which term our blog linked by others.


Blog name generator

But sometimes we also get stuck in the selection of our blog name. So, blog name generator can help us.

At this point, I want you to read my review of the best blog name generators I suggest for you.

Of course, such a tool can’t take over the complete work, but sometimes it gives us the absolute purpose to find a good blog name.

I hope after reading this post will help you’re a little bit smarter and also find a good blog name for you and your readers. I would also be happy if you can tell how you plan with your blog so I can help you to find a good or the perfect name for your blog or business.

Thank you, guys! Let’s pick a nice blog name now!