Do you ever dream that your blog becomes the popular blog?

Absolutely, the launch of a new blog is very exciting, but if we just install WordPress and write the posts is not enough to have daily readers and successful in blogging.

There are millions of bloggers around the world, developed countries in the third world countries. So you can’t sit in front of your laptop and wait people come to visit your blog, that is the impossible thing!

After a year of blogging on around the web, I learned so many things. I read a lot of articles, and I also met a lot of problems, I failed so many times, and until now I’m still a beginner just like you. So we’re the same and I know how you feel. Even though, I learned a lot of tips from the other bloggers which help me know what my problems, and now I can change the way I do with my blog.

OKAY! Let’s go!!!

Top Blogging Tips For Beginners Of 2017

The following tips come in no particular order.

1. Read

Bloggers should read as much as possible. Of course, a good blogger should be a good reader too. Reading is a big part of blogging and also a necessary part. So you should read any articles or books from other blogs, and then you can understand easily. This also improves your writing skills dramatically.

2. Connection

Nobody is an island. So, if you are a blogger you should create a connection with other bloggers. It is very important to make communications. When you have a connection with other bloggers you can exchange your ideas with each other and also can submit guest posts or a free review submission.

3. Destinations

“Who doesn’t know the destination can’t find the right way”. Of course, blogging also needs a destination. If you have a goal, you can understand the correct times or steps in your blogging journal, and it will help you get success in the future.

4. Plan

Make a plan that you need your blog to grow smoothly. Ask yourself: What content do I write? Where can I get backlinks which help my ranking? What is the marketing tools I should use? What types of the audience do I should speak to? etc.
A good plan also helps the daily work.

5. Niche

To be successful, you should look for a thematic niche that it can work greater. I mean “niche” topics that you will address in your blog: High-Tech, Sports, Movie, Music, Food, Fashion, or Game, etc. Choosing the right topic can help you feel better about what you are doing; no boring. So, you should choose a topic that suits you the best.

6. Articles

Your blog should have at least 5 articles because when someone visits your blog for the first time and see an empty blog. Probably, he won’t come back again.

7. Anxiety

Many aspiring bloggers have concerns about whether their articles are good enough. This is completely normal. Free yourselves from thinking about “Perfect” because everything can’t be perfect. If only perfect blogs are read, then the Internet world would be very empty.

8. Unique Content

The content is the most important foundation for the successful of a blog. So don’t just copy any ideas or topics from other blogs. Write the unique articles that include your own experiences and write your own opinions purely. Power your articles to be unique.

REMEMBER: Content is King!!!

9. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Many bloggers don’t like SEO, and some don’t knows about SEO. Actually, It is used to optimize the quality of your blogs. It also recommended by Google. There are two best free WordPress plugins you can use such as All In One SEO Pack, and Yoast SEO, both also have the premium version.

10. Active

It is very important to keep your blog active. Whether you can post every day or once a week, that’s up to you. But who intensively blogging 2-3 days and then inactive a month without writing anything, is rarely successful and no many blog readers.

11. Own Style

To give your readers a better in mind and stands out from the mass of other blogs, you have to develop your own style among others. Your “voice” must have a recognition value. This usually can make a nice, friendly, and communicative style. There are some bloggers who get a lot of attention by using some bad language, but don’t use dirty words too much or too hard (I hope you know what I mean).

12. Error

Errors are important. Whether you or I will make mistakes because we are human. But this is very good because when we make a mistake it become a lesson that we can learn more from it. Only those who always learns, will be successful in the long term.

13. Backlink

Many bloggers don’t put the outbound links to other blogs or websites. This is a big mistake. Only those who take attentions with backlinks building can be successful. Don’t be afraid to put some links in your post, even, they are no-follow links because it can get back links too.

14. Social Media

In addition, nowaday, visitors doesn’t only come from Google, but there are readers via social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Reddit, etc. And also don’t forget about social bookmarking sites.

15. Reader Feedback

Every comment and every email are worth gold. Respond to questions in comments and thank you for the recommendation. When you are friendly with your readers, you can convert new visitors into return visitors (daily readers, or fans of your blog).

16. Competitor

The competition can be very helpful. Learn from the competition and sets the learned things into your own blog. You don’t have the best of all blogs. It is enough if yours is better than the blogs of your competitors.

17. Money

Earn money with blogging is a wonderful thing. But who is blogging just for the money, will finally lose the benefit. Money should never be the first motivation in blogging. Otherwise, your blog won’t stand long. This is not mean you can’t earn money with your blog, but you shouldn’t only think about it.

18. Patience

Forget the idea “Get Rich Overnight“, but spend your times to build an attractive blog with hard work and get rich naturally instead. Who has the most of patience and motivation can finally be successful in blogging.

19. Technology

If you don’t want your blog to be hacked, keep your blog software’s up to date. Yes, WordPress released as regular updates, but who are using a blog service, no need to worry.

20. Design

The appearance is very important. It’s like in real life. Surely, if your blog looks ugly and difficult usable, you will lose your fans, and also page views. This problem is not difficult to fix because WordPress have so many themes for you to make your blog look gorgeous. You can choose any free themes or buy a premium theme that suits with your blog niche, and matches with your ideas.

21. Fun

Try to be happy while you write a blog post. Who wants to write regularly or even daily blog posts, should have fun with it. Who hasn’t be fun in writing, it will be difficult in the long run.

These are my tips I had in my experiences. I hope it will help you guys I think it’s not good enough, but I can’t show more than this because I’m not a pro-blogger, I’m just a simple blogger.

Therefore, in the future, I will write a second article tips for you more clearly.

I’d love to hear what you think about this post. Let me know in the comments below. I love commenters the most! 🙂

Thanks For Reading!

Happy Blogging!