WordPress has brought the life of the blogger became extremely easy. Finally, we don’t need HTML, PHP or any code skills to have a website. With WordPress, everyone can really create an own blog.

The problem with WordPress is that the more popular it is, the more risky start increase. For example, when inexperienced programmers or young bloggers own WordPress they made a lot of mistakes such as install plugins, or themes without checking their quality. These problems are almost done when I just start a blog with WordPress.

Actually, lack of the clean and efficient code that the new or poor experienced programmers built, it’s becoming a problem because they are inefficient or unsafe, which can crash your blog.

So, before installing any plugins, you should check their quality, population…, etc. But how to know if a plugin has good quality?

Here are 3 golden rules to identify bad plugins before installing.

3 Golden Rules To Check The Quality Of WordPress Plugins

Because not all WordPress plugins provide good quality, so it is necessary to filter and select the best one before installing. Who simply install any plugins from the plugin directory without careful, which can destroy his blog with those poor plugins or even the database. Everything already happened to me, but the experience has made me more cautious.

So I have 3 steps for you to prevent the worst problems in your blog. If you follow these 3 tips during searching for a new plugin.

1. Updates

The most important suggestion of the quality of a plugin for me is always the last update. Good plugins are continuously optimized, so it will get the update every few weeks for a new version. Here can consider how engaged a developer is actually and what problems and bugs have been fixed very quickly. So sure to observe the last update and view the changelog.

2. Reviews

Ratings in WordPress.org is good just as Amazon. Good plugins normally have 4 to 5 star, any plugins under are often poor quality. Not all reviews are true, but, at least, the review could possibly be related to you and your WordPress installation.

3. Support

Well, support is something I didn’t expect at free WordPress plugins basically. But, committed developers still provide support and really good even respond to every beginner question patiently, without being arrogant. This is also a suggestion of the quality because who cares and endeavors, developed actively new functions and keeps his plugin up to date as possible is a good developer.


Definitely, WordPress is the most attacked content management system (CMS). In fact, WordPress websites were attacked 24.1% more than all other CMS platforms websites. So, you should be careful before installing any plugins, or even themes without checking their quality.

I hope this article can help prevent you from installing the wrong plugins which can kill your blog badly.

Thanks for reading this post! If you can any suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear from you. Please, share your ideas below!