This is the question on almost every blogging beginner‘s mind: What is the best choice between quantity or quality article?

Now, let me show you which one is best for you!

Quality vs. Quantity!

Quality:  First define the terms mentioned above. A quality article is a long article, and very relevant. I’m not saying that a small section won’t be a good article, but it will have less meaning.

A quality article need to takes a lot of times to write, you should do your research, find your sources and write everything methodically both in substance. Your articles must be selected with great care.

Quantity:  When you try to write articles in quantity, the quality of those articles will surely be worse, you need to write more and also faster.

Both choices are different strategies, but now seeing the results for your readers.

For your readers.

To find your niche, you will have to think in terms of results. If you write more and it works, choose the quantity. But,  If you don’t get good results, perhaps you should consider writing longer articles, it should be better.

A news website can afford to opt for quantity because they have the partners with them. By cons, if you have a blog on a very complex topic such as computer programming, you will probably opt for a different approach.

The SEO approach of the question.

If we consider the two options for a point of view SEO, questions will be different.

Long Quality Articles vs. Short Quantity Articles!

Long quality articles: 

  • Google appreciates the long articles,  well written and relevant.
  • You publish less often.

Short quantity articles: 

  • You publish more often.
  • Your items will be shorter and lower-rated.

Conclusion: Quality or Quantity Article?

As you can see, the solutions are really simple, both of them are important for your blog. So my answer to the above question is: “You should publish both of long quality article and short quantity article”.

My advice :

  • Submit at least 1 article per month, more than 1,000 words.
  • Submit at least 1 common article per week, more than 500 words.
  • Submit at least 2 small articles (News Type) per week, more than 300 words.

Which one do you choose? Quality or Quantity article?

Let me know in the comment box below!