Do you want to earn money from your photos? If so, this article is just for you.

Whether you are an unprofessional photographer or photography lover, my tips can help you make money from your photos online.

Selling Photos Online Through Stock Photos

To sell quickly and easily but at a very modest sum, this is for you. Fotolia is a global photo stock that allows its members to sell and buy images for professional purposes (web illustration, magazines, advertisements, books, or slides) is the reference in the material. Remember to multiply your chances of selling your photos with your shots into similar stock photo libraries such as DepositphotosAlamy, CanStockPhoto, 123rf, Dreamstime, ShutterstockiStock, Stockxpert, or Bigstockphoto.

The method is really simple: First, you just need to register on the selected stock photo website and send a sample of your photos (about a dozen) taken in HD (no noise, good sharpness, and not too advanced or original retouching) it will make you pass the test.

Photos must be the most suggestive possible on different topics of common life such as love, freedom, romance, sport, travel, couple, wedding, business, medical, or technology…., etc. And you have to keep in mind that your photos should be used to sell a product or illustrate a magazine article. No marks or patent in objects should be visible in your photos, and if your images contain identifiable people, you will join an authorization signed by the models.

After that, it will take the careful draft of keywords related to the photo because the more keywords will be selected correctly and the buyer will easily find your image among the thousands available. In summary, the operation is successful, it will build on the duration and especially on the amount because the more you sell photos and the commission per sale decreases on some stock photos. For your convenience, consider sending your photos from a web host (like DreamHost) at the same time and in an automated way via FTP servers different stock photos.

Become An Instagram Influencer

The image is the most shared content on the Internet, which is why the social network photo sharing, Instagram became the fastest growth company since it was bought by Facebook (300 million subscribers), attracts many advertisers.

First, open an account on Instagram, and start post daily feeding beautiful pictures on that account in a specific subject or around an original idea, with a recognizable visual style to get highest popularity rating at a rate of hundreds of thousands or even million subscribers (commonly called “Followers”). The challenge is to succeed in being courted by advertisers or tour operators to act on Instagram as a representative to promote a brand, a product, an idea, or a goal without giving a commercial message, but just creating the creative idea through your photos.

Travel photography is privileged in this area. For example, Australian self-taught photographer (Lauren Bath) and Russian photographer (Murad Osmann). An avid traveler, Lauren Bath started by regularly posting photos of her travels in 2011. With 200 000 followers and two years later, she makes a living with her photos on Instagram.

As for Murad Osmann, he had the clever idea to photograph his girlfriend around the world on Instagram. He staged by photographing the back and taking her by the hand, for a successful impact on the landscape and pretty curves. 

Cheers to new adventures we are going to have together in 2017 @natalyosmann

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Finally, another more particular phenomenon, the American (Maria Doroshina), but she’s not the great photographer. With her 2 million followers who saw her daily pictures of her perfect power, often next to products brand of fitness which it is a partner.

That’s it! I hope this article help you a lot of making money with your photos.

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