Today, I recommend an article on the important points to be considered for customizing your blog. When choosing a theme taken from the internet, but certainly, it is used by other bloggers as well. So if you want to make your blog look different from others, you have to customize the design to be unique or own style.

I’d love to share 10 simple tips to change your blog design!

1. Create A Banner

The banner or logo is the first thing your readers will see, it immediately gives an identity to your blog. If that’s not your thing too, try to choose a nice font, for example on Dafont and decorate with details that fit you (travel, photography…). If you don’t have photo software you can use the site such as Fotor, or PhotoCat, which is great for photo editing and make collage photos.

2. Change The Colors Of The Blog

Change the colors of the blog is the best thing to do when you start a blog. Choose the colors according to your banner and it will make up your visual identity.

3. Change The Fonts

This is not necessary but has nice custom fonts, it can immediately give a totally different look. There is a WordPress plugin which is easy to use to change the font of the titles, links, or texts…, etc.

4. Customize The Menu

Try to create a custom menu for your categories and your pages. It’s easy to navigate. In most subjects, it is possible to customize the colors of the menu without technical expertise.

5. Customize The Sidebar

You can add a profile photo, a description, icons for social networks, and widgets like Instagram, newsletter etc. You can also add graphic designs for categories because of this, it even more unique sidebar.

6. Customize The Footer

The footer is an often overlooked area, but definitely, this can be a nice area for you too. You can put a banner Instagram, an additional menu and traditional copyright (which must also be customized).

7. Change The Favicon

The favicon is the small icon to the left of the title of your blog in the browser. This is the icon that you see when you put your favorite blog. This might be not important, but I recommend add it to your blog it’ll be better. A favicon must be a square size 8px or 16px.

8. Add A Signature

At the end of your articles, consider adding a nice signature with your name, the name of the blog or a small message is immediate to pretty and personalized.

9. Create An About Page

When I visit any new blogs for the first time, I really want to know more about the blogger. So it’s very important thing to have an about page on your blog. In the About page, introduce yourself in a few sentences, add a photo or image that suits you. This page is you.

10. Think About Mobile Version

Blogger and WordPress have the mobile version which is generated automatically. Absolutely, I recommend you must have it because it makes the blog suitable and easily available on the smartphone. I don’t know clearly but many people are searching for the articles on their smartphone. Moreover, the mobile version of the blog image is still important so don’t forget it.


Let’s change the way your blog look like! You’ll love your blog more than before!

Did I have forgotten something?

I would like to know about your blog design ideas so don’t be shy to share it in the comment box below! 😀

Thanks for your times on this article! Hope it’s not waste your times! 😉