As we already knew that WordPress isn’t known for good performance because the CMS is quite slow.

Caching plugins help to reduce the dynamic content, but they can’t promise that you will get a perfect performance, even they can work greatly. So, what you can do as a blogger and what you should pay attention to improving the speed of WordPress to make the performance of your blog outstandingly. Truly, it isn’t so difficult at all.

Don’t worry! In this post, I don’t give you too complicated technical methods, but rather treat hints and tips that can basically follow and easy to understand.

So today, I only share the basic guides. so you can understand it easily!

Decreasing is HARD, but it works perfectly!

Decreasing is more difficult than many people think. The normal user tries to increasingly what they want on their blogs. And in WordPress, the problem is “More” is always drag its performance. Everything integrated or added, always has some impacts on the performance.

More features, more photos, or more videos, etc – all this has a strong effect on the performance of WordPress. The first step, you should know that “Less” is More.

Decreasing is the magic solution!

So you need to know what is really important on your blog.

Not everything has a VALUE!

Not because something is “Cool” looks, it has only a value! Actually, it also has a weakness. Many blogging beginners try to make their blog looks cool, add more features or use animations, etc. but after that, I noticed that those users started to have the problems with them.

YES! Plugins must always provide a value, but you need to know which one is really important for you. Actually, you can use P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) to detect which plugins make your blog slowly.

Themes can be the important factor!

Do you know after you installed WordPress, you already have the fastest theme? Yeah! It’s the Twenty Sixteen theme because it’s very lightweight and they keep it simple if you compare to other framework themes which come with a lot of features that you will never use, and it will slow your site down to the ground.

But if you want to use the best premium framework theme, I recommend the Thesis Theme framework and Genesis because their reputations are great for developing fast, well-coded themes.

LESS is MORE! This is truly RIGHT!

The quote: “Less is More”, is a very old idea. However, it has never lost its right. Themes should be minimal and lightweight because the lightweight websites loads faster than heavy websites, it means that the less files and scripts always work as expected. There are lots of plugins that are bad for performance, especially if they are used incorrectly by beginners.

Please, check for the Part 2!

This is the first part of speeding up WordPress for beginners. Finally, I advise you carefully on installing any themes or plugins because who used overloaded Themes and poorly written plugins, always get error firstly on performance and no longer be undone. Please, try to choose the correct and high-quality plugins and themes.

Next parts, I’ll talk about of the caching guide and about how caching actually works in WordPress and exactly what plugins are worth a real recommendation and what rather not.

Hope you think this post helped you so don’t forget to share or comment below!

See you again soon! Thanks for reading!