Ordinarily, performance optimization means reducing, sacrificing, and cleaning. Besides, WordPress plugins are often negatively impacted on the performance and installing many different plugins habitually, make your site bigger and slower. This is a simple reason because it adds and eats more resources which increase the loading time of your site.

However, there are also exceptions. There are positively WordPress plugins that provide the good benefits for better performance. Yeah! There are plugins that help to make your blog extremely fast. What are these plugins? I’d tell you today in this part 3 of the series.

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My Top Recommend Plugins To Speed Up WordPress

1. Gonzales

Simple Guide To Speed Up WordPress For Beginners - Gonzales (Part 3)
This plugin allows you to get rid of CSS and JavaScript files that are simply useless.

Did you ever hear of this plugin? Gonzales is a plugin that helps you get rid of useless CSS and Javascript files from HTML code. It ensures that specific resources are no longer loaded automatically and everywhere.

Let’s say you use a plugin for a review system with the star rating. Now, this system requires a large script, which is integrated everywhere, even on the start page while actually, you just want it to load only where the rating system is displayed. That’s the problem, right? OK! Gonzales can simply make sure that the scripts only appears on the matching pages. It filters out scripts, CSS files, and other resources so they are loaded only when they are needed. Is it pretty smart and an interesting way?

But only if the scenario is worth the benefit so it will be greater than the effort on performance optimization. For small sites, it may be less sense, but for big sites, it will be worth the price of $29 per site. Or if you don’t want to pay for this expensive plugin _ go check the free alternative version is WP Asset CleanUp.

Simple Guide To Speed Up WordPress For Beginners - WP Asset Cleanup (Part 3)
Make your web pages load FASTER with “WP Asset CleanUp”
Faster page load = Happier Visitors = More Conversions

2. Rocket Lazy Load

LazyLoad is a good way to ensures that content such as images is loaded only when the user actually sees them.

E.g, If there is a picture at the bottom of the blog page, it will only be downloaded from the server when the reader scrolls to the bottom page. This reduces the first loading time hugely because the image doesn’t have to be loaded during the page request.

Now, meet the very tiny and efficient plugin is Rocket Lazy Load, the plugin from the WP Rocket developers, whose technique is also used in the successful caching plugin (WP Rocket). This plugin is also helpful only if you have many pictures on your blogs.

3. Lazy Load for Videos

Simple Guide To Speed Up WordPress For Beginners - Lazy Load for Videos (Part 3)
This plugin improves page load times and increases your Google PageSpeed Score. It replaces embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos with a clickable preview image.

Nowadays, a blog doesn’t just contain only articles and pictures, but commonly also contains the videos. They are mostly embedded via Youtube, as it’s a giant video website on the internet. However, when you embedded a video of Youtube on your blog, it always needs to load the resources from Google which delay the loading time on your blog too.

Here is Lazy Load for Videos, by the German developer (Kevin Weber), which helps Lazy Load for Youtube videos. This means: videos are not loaded until the user wants to see them. First, only the thumbnail with play button is displayed, only when the user clicks on the video, then the plugin will replace with the real video.

This saves a lot of time to load and is always excellent. This plugin is the best for the blog based video site.

4. BBQ

5 Simple Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website in 2017 (BBQ: Block Bad Queries)
This is the fastest firewall plugin for WordPress.

Generally, a WordPress firewall eats a lot of resources and needs to work hard to make a blog secure. But no longer a problem! With BBQ, the security is totally different. BBQ stands for Block Bad Queries. It can effectively filter out malicious or unsafe requests from your blog silently in the background.  This simple but awesome plugin is brought to you by the well-known and very popular developer (Jeff Starr). For advanced users, he created the pro version which powered by G-Blacklist firewall, which has now arrived at version 6 (6G Firewall).

Even in the free version, BBQ is very effective, it can protect your website against malicious URL requests without require configuration. For the Pro version, it can be highly customized, uses the powerful setting and shows statistics. In addition, the Pro version with just $15 is really surprising. BBQ makes the blog safer and faster because it is very minimal and the blocked requests can’t eat any more of the server.

BBQ has proved very successful with me for years so I can personally recommend it.

5. Plugin Organizer

If you want something more, you should take a look at Plugin Organizer. The WordPress plugin that lets you configure the loading order of your WordPress plugins, which can also improve performance.

It can prepare the specific plugins to load selectively, so that plugins are only loaded for the specific page and post types, etc.

For beginners, the plugin may be a bit too complicated, but for all advanced users, it can bring a lot of benefits. So spend more times with it!

6. Heartbeat Control

The WordPress Heartbeat API pounds in the background like a heartbeat and checks every few seconds to see if something has changed within WordPress.

If you disable the Heartbeat API with the Heartbeat Control plugin or at least set the time span slightly higher, WordPress will be outstanding and the backend gets much lighter because it eats fewer resources, and clearly runs better.

7. Lighthouse

Simple Guide To Speed Up WordPress For Beginners - Lighthouse (Part 3)
Lighthouse is a performance tuning plugin, removing lots of default WordPress behaviour, such as filters, actions, injected code, native code and third-party actions.

Lighthouse is a premium plugin, which has many tweaks integrated and this plugin is really simple with its interface by just check mark on and off. It can make the header purged, the XML-RPC can be disabled, even remove the annoying emojis, which is the most scripts that we don’t need, but are always integrated into the code. Lighthouse help removes a lot of default WordPress behavior, such as filters, actions, injected code, native code and third-party actions.

For the fans of free! I recommend a free alternative, which is not quite good as Lighthouse, but it also can work pretty well is Falcon plugin, which also integrates basic tweaks and offers a great performance.

Simple Guide To Speed Up WordPress For Beginners - Falcon (Part 3)
Falcon is a minimalist WordPress plugin which cleans up your website and optimizes it for best performance.

Don’t Forget Your Thinking!

In the end, please think about the benefits of the plugins! Generally, plugins are very useful and helpful, but it also can negatively impact on your WordPress site. Just like a single picture or video don’t need to load lazy load, because it’s not important. The plugins will only work if you really need them because you use them intensively.

Think about it before you blindly install all plugins, not because they promise you a better performance and you install all of them on your blog. This always depends on the different case and the intended use.

So don’t forget your thinking and ask yourself again and again, whether outbreak can actually help you, or whether it all sounds great, but in your case, it makes little or no sense.

I’d be very happy to know that your website is now faster or not in the comment box below. Thanks for reading with patience! Good luck! 😀