At a time, when digital insecurity raises, there are so many people are still using weak passwords such as 123456, password, identifiable and qwerty, which are easily detectable by the evil hackers.

Whether your mailbox, your credit card, your phone, your bank account, even your car, passwords are everywhere.

This is why it is advisable to create a strong password with at least eight characters and mixing lowercase letter, uppercase letters, numbers, and even punctuation or symbol.

1. Imagine A Long And Complex Password

At a minimum, a strong password:

  • Contains 14 characters or more;
  • Alternate uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols;
  • Avoids the symbols & replace “and” or “de” instead by “2”;
  • Using all the keys (even the μ or ù);
  • Change password regularly (set under Outlook, a periodic reminder to update your passwords for emails, banking, and financial Website, change your passwords every three months.)
  • Be different from one site to another.

Why (so) important?

Now, note that the weakly protected sites, cybercriminals steal passwords and test them on your favorite sites.

So, we need to change regularly, even if they are “Perfect”

Tips for creating complex passwords

  • Choose the title of a work that you enjoy (music, literature …) and enter the first letters (The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway becomes LVHELM-EH);
  • Use the beginnings of the first names of your children or your parents (Lena-Sophie Marie born in 2007 becomes LSM-07 or LSM-7). To string together a series of beginning, add a slash (LSM-07 / PRD-10 / etc.);
  • Prefer to create your professional passwords, a difficult series to find your colleagues (avoid: Name / January-2015 Name monitoring / February-2015, etc.);
  • For your internet inscriptions, many sites summarize the key message of their brand on the home page. Use it as a key phrase (eg for my blog is Hanibuku was created in January 2016 and my tagline is Share Blogging Tips = HNBK-01/16-SBT).

Hehehe! Dude! It’s just an example! Don’t imagine I use this type of password! 😀


Avoid creating passwords that contain:

  • Dictionary words (any language)
  • Spelled backward (Eiram to Marie)
  • Keyboard sequences (123456789 or 987654321, 1597538246 same can be deciphered)
  • Adjacent letters on your keyboard (QWERTY or AZERTY)
  • Any personal information findable somewhere (name, date of birth, license number, passport number…, etc).

2. Replace letters with numbers, punctuation marks or symbols

A simple trick can make the task more awesome pirates enough than before, for eg, to replace certain letters of your password with numbers or special characters. Using a 3 instead of E or a @ instead of A. This will create a non-existent word, easy to remember. For eg, you can replace superman by [email protected]!

3. Create Different Passwords

Another mistake commonly made is to use the same password. The goal is to create a password for each access, but this could become very complicated.
Here’s a little tip: Choose a strong password, for eg, Fuck You Hacker = [email protected], so place before the first letter of the site or network you want them to access. Your password for Facebook can become [email protected]. And for Twitter can become [email protected] or [email protected], or [email protected], etc.

4. Never Write A Password!

Even if you are afraid of not being able to remember your passwords, don’t write them down. Rather prefer the method described above. However, If you feel you need to write your passwords, write them in such disorder and keep them in a safe place. There is also software, such as EnPass that can securely manage your passwords.

5. Double Authentication

Most major Internet professionals (Dropbox, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc) propose to use two-factor authentication, also called validation in two steps. For this additional protection, even an attacker have your password,  he still can’t use them. Two-factor authentication works as follows: after you log in with your username and password, the service sends you a free code, usually by SMS or phone. This code is only a few seconds. To access your data, a malicious person must own your mobile phone.

6. Use Password Generator

To test the strength of a password, you can also use the password generator to help generate highly secure passwords difficult to guess or steal.

Oh! I have a password generators list which you can use to get a f**king crazy password.

Yo! Check it out!

7. Use Password Manager

Actually, you can also the password manager such as Dashlane, LastPass, Keeper, 1Password, EnPass, or Sticky Password, etc. It will generate the best long passwords, complex and uncertain for you. You don’t have to know your passwords, only it knows them.

These passwords are stored encrypted very secure (AES-256 bit) and you only have to remember one password: one that gives you access to the other! Choose carefully, it’s the only one.

The disadvantage is that you must always have your wallet password manager to log into some part. Of course, there are apps and add-ons to help.

If you want to find the best password managers, here is my list for you.

In this video, Edward Snowden talked about passwords security, if you have read so far, you should watch it. In this interview, the reporter asks Edward and he must say if it is a strong password or not, it is serious and funny at once.

A good strong password? It’s MargaretThatcheris110%SEXY, and it’s Edward who said 😉

8. Remember All Your Passwords

As I said above, even you are using the online services password manager to protect your passwords, you still need to make sure only you know a master secure password.

The ultimate trick to remember the “Password” of your secure file: create a false contact card in your Contacts folder (on your phone, Gmail or Outlook) and cover your information on “Real Copy Profile”.

Every time, you sign up a new account on any websites should enter a strong password or even, you use the password manager to store your passwords and information should still enter a manual to make sure you can remember it later.

For eg, Hey! Asshole, what do you mean? Password? (Shortcut or Full Website or App Name)? Fuck You Asshole! = H!A,wdym?P?…….?FYA!. So you can use it for Instagram is H!A,wdym?P?IG?FYA! and for Google Plus is H!A,wdym?P?G+?FYA!, or  H!A,wdym?P?G00GL3+?FYA!…, etc.

REMEMBER: A long password is better than a short and complex.

E.g, Batman v Superman = [email protected]@[email protected]!

That’s it! Now it’s your turn to secure your password…!!!

I hope this article can help to improve yourself in securing your password. Don’t wait until someone or hackers steal your password! Let’s follow my tips to test your new strong password and try to remember them so it wouldn’t be difficult later when you want to use them. I know it seems complicated for who never know how to secure password, eg, my sisters, uncles, aunts, and my cousins, etc. Their password is really simple to guess! They normally use their phone numbers, date of birth, name, or 12345678910, etc. Actually, I know their passwords mostly, but I never do anythings with their account. I always try to protect their account. Clearly, they had been hacked by someone who argued with them and used their Facebook account to post somethings bad and nude photos. That’s very, very, very bad…….!!! 🙁

Don’t be like my sisters, brothers, or my aunts! Please, be like a password generator because it’s the best thing you should be! 😉

Thanks for reading! GoodBye! Luv YA! 🙂

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article. 🙂

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