I know how you feel when you just start a blog or website, you are very excited and can’t wait until your first (or next) WordPress site go live or you have just redesigned your website which is using WordPress now. That’s very exciting!

Today, I want to show some things you need to do before launching your website if you want to make sure that everything is okay! In this post, I have some tips to help you before launching your website. Of course, you can check these settings even after publishing or updating.


  • Delete all pages and posts that are installed by default during installation (example page, “Hello World”).
  • Delete the plug-in Hello Dolly. You will most certainly don’t use it!
  • Please also delete the plugin Askimet, unless you are using this as a spam filter.
  • Check again whether you already have all your required pages linked with the menu.
  • Check the stored email address Settings -> General -> Email Address. At this email address setting, it’s used to receive admin purposes sent from WordPress.
  • Check the setting for the comment function Settings -> Discussion -> By default comments are allowed.


  • Check your site on the most popular browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and IE to ensure that your page is displayed properly. Also, check on your smartphone and tablets for mobile-friendly.
  • Add your copyright information in the footer.
  • Make sure you have a privacy policy and terms of service on your site. These two details must be inserted as separate pages now.
  • Make sure your used images have the optimized size (from experience rich image sizes <200px), otherwise the loading time of your site is negatively affected.
  • Also, make sure all of your images contain an alternative text.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Every page and every post should have a meta description and meta title. But mainly for your home. Mmmm, OK! I recommend using an SEO plugin for easy handling.
  • Check whether you have inserted your details on site title, and tagline (otherwise, there appears “Just another WordPress site”). This can be found under Settings -> General.
  • Also, check Reading Setting under Settings -> Reading -> Search Engine Visibility. And make sure it’s not ticked, otherwise, the search engines can’t index your website.
  • Check your Permalinks structure under Settings -> Permalinks -> It is best to set to “Post Name” so your links are displayed beautiful and not post-IDs (eg / p = 123.) Included.
  • Enter the title of your image and also, add an alternative text (alt tag), because search engine also searches this well.
  • Create a sitemap.xml, and robots.txt file (this is already partially in SEO plugins automatically included).
  • For better indexing, you should register your site on Google Webmaster Tools: Submit Sitemap to start indexing.


  • For security purposes, install a Backup plugin to make sure you don’t lose your website. I recommended you should backup by yourself because some web hosting providers don’t Backups or they are carried out at longer intervals, or your hosting plan does not include the Backup feature. So, you should take care your website by yourself.
  • If necessary, check that your username is not admin (rename it). This is one of the biggest security holes for hackers. If you don’t want or don’t know how to use the security plugin, I recommend, at least, you should redirect the login page.

Additional knowledge

  • Include in your privacy policy, the necessary information for social media, unless you use them.
  • If you use a contact form, make sure that the stored receiving email address is correct. Test the form for yourself and let it tested by 2-3 other people.

Are you ready to launch your website?

Yoo! Hoo! Let it go to the wonderful world of the internet now! 😉

Thanks for reading my blog! Love YA! 😀