A blog is like a personal diary on the Internet. The word “blog” is short for “weblog“. They contain the words “Web” for Internet and “log” for the log record. On a blog, you can express ideas, tell stories, keep a journal, or a history, allow readers to respond and exchange ideas. We can show it as text, links, images, videos, or music, etc. You can talk about yourself, your work, projects or show it as short news on a special topic for friends, colleagues, family, students, or for the whole world. On a blog can have one or more authors publish over time of products (also referred to as posts or tickets). Blog visitors can then comment on the content of the posts.

The blog is essentially individual: unlike forums, where each user is on an equal footing in relation to publishing content, the blog allows a user (the author, also called blogger) to present their ideas to the world.

The Blog Features

The blog created with so many features that help usability and interaction with users, in addition to traditional features accessible web pages.

Category is one of the pre-defined taxonomies in WordPress. Categories help readers can find the posts on your blog easily. It is used to organize the table of contents on your blog posts into different groups or sections. You can view all the posts in a given category.

Tag is also one of the pre-defined taxonomy in WordPress. Tag (Keyword) is similar to category. It can help the content of the blog post focuses on specific topics, but it’s smaller than category because a category may cover a wide range of topics, a tag is almost as a ‘micro-categorization’. Unlike categories, tags are non-hierarchical. All of the tags is the keyword.

Pages provide functionality to a blog with static “one-off” type content such as your about page, privacy policy, terms of service, legal disclaimers, etc. Unlike posts, they are not displayed in reverse chronological order, but apart from the rest of the items. Pages are typically used to publish static information (It can be the blog owner, author, or contact information). Actually, you can make updates to it, but it will not show your page at the time you updated. Because page is not expired, they are not included in your RSS feeds by default. The pages shouldn’t include social sharing buttons or comments.

Blogroll is a list of links, usually located in the blog menu bar, and pointing either to other bloggers sites or to the author of the popular reference sites.

The backlinks or trackbacks are a system enabling a blog to notify another that a reference was made to a post in the blog. When this system is supported by the platform, it allows a reader to see the opinions of other bloggers on the same subject than initially discussed by the first author.

RSS feeds is a summary published content used to be aggregated in an RSS aggregator.

The Best Blogging Platforms

Online blogging has become exponentially more necessary in social media and digital marketing networking. There are over 200 million blogs worldwide has generated. The best blogging platforms – WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr.

  • WordPress is a content management system that allows you to create and easily manage a blog.
  • Blogger is a free online software platform that help publication of a blog.
  • Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links and sounds on a Tumblr blog.

The Special Things About Blogs

Blogs are usually organized chronologically. This can be seen quite well if you are on the homepage of a blog. The newest item is always at the top and it organized the blog post by the time we published.

Another feature that highlights blogs from the mass of the web pages are the comments that can be left under an article. It has become primarily and the important part of a blog because comment box allows the users to exchange the ideas with each other!

Blogs are a wonderful way to exchange ideas. We can write about topics that are interesting and find people who think the same. The Internet allows this exchange, no matter where our readers are or what country they come from.

Blogging Is Not Only For Personal

Long since blogging is no longer a private matter, but it is used by a variety of institutions to publish content on specific topics (travel blogs, music blogs, blogs about technology, home entertainment, sports, cooking, crafts, etc.) or products and services publicity market.

A few years ago commercial moderate blogs were more digital accessories for a classic business model.

It can professionally run editorial content and advertising content relevant in today’s times to be profitable. It is important to think about a niche and solves a problem of the blog’s readers.


A blog can be a “personal website” also for “personal branding” be attractive with the convenience of your own products or services.

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