At the first time, the most bloggers are often highly motivated when his first blog has been set up, started to install a few plugins and an elegant theme, and he thinks that everything is ready enough for his website, but it hasn’t been done yet, he need to do a lot of things with his blog to be success.

Definitely, there are so many problems that can trouble you, and disturb your success.

The important thing is that these potential obstacles are aware so you may be able to deal with it in your daily life.

Here are 5 things that can hurt your blog badly and how to fix it!

1. Laziness

1st is the laziness. The most bloggers think that the results can come in short time, but reality takes longer to achieve a goal. So they start bore with their blogs, and finally, quit without waiting a little bit more times. In fact, blogging is a course that can’t finish fastly, it takes times to get the end.

Don’t wait to see the great results in a couple of weeks, it will upset your feeling and make you become a lazy guy when no see any results. I want you just keep running your blog, try to find the problems, and fix it to change the situation.

REMEMBER: If you want to succeed in blogging, you need to be patient because it can take times to see the great results.

2. Competition

A big mistake that new and very young bloggers are often copying too much from the competitors. Find your own style rather than copy or steal content and ideas, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use other people’s ideas, but be creative with that ideas. You should find your own niche because it’s better than the same as others. Definitely, content doesn’t have to be new but it just has to be more awesome than your competition.

Without Identity, No Success!!!

Don’t let yourselves too influenced or distracted by other blogs, wasted no time, but rather find your own personality, something that you stand out from all the other publications and makes it special. Whoever loses sight of, is fast in the crowd. The success vanishes into the sky.

3. Search Engine Optimization

The biggest push in my own blogs came at the time when I stopped to do the search engine optimization. Who influenced by Google, quickly loses focus and especially the readers from the eyes.

So don’t focus too much on the keywords or particularly optimized texts but focus on writing for your community, for real people, rather than lifeless for Google SEO robots. This is usually the key to success because who writes good articles is also linked, shared and recommended and then automatically end up in the top positions in Google.

4. Performance

No matter how pretty, valuable and high quality on your blog and your content is, if the performance is not right, the success will never arrive. Really Never! On the internet, no one waiting longer than a few seconds to read any contents that is even presented after milliseconds.

An old and often-cited study of Amazon showed at once that in just a second charging time, immediately violent revenue losses were more noticeable and the majority of customers doesn’t complete their purchase. Only for a second, charging time.

Performance is important, more important than many people think and more important than ever because today many people browse the internet with their smartphones and limited data plans. So, speed and minimalism can be important again.

5. Complexity

The minimalism leads us directly to the next point, namely the complexity. Be as simple as possible. Sounds only once to write on-screen level, but it is meant differently.

Always remember that many readers follow your blog because they like your blog. In the case, beginners and professionals also need to understand the contents clearly, just as you reach a wide audience.

The same applies to the design. Amazon, Google, Facebook – all successful and all extremely simple in design and user experience, because it makes it easy and scalable. Because simple always works best and achieved the highest conversion rates.

So admit to your designs to interleaved and reduces everything to a minimum. This is also an advantage again in terms of performance.

Stamina is Important!

Who can’t get distracted and stay tuned, after some time also has success with his blog. Please, don’t hold breakthrough longer because the success overnight there was perhaps in the 90s, now it is very difficult to get a success on a website. But sometimes, it may occasionally give the surprise success, but it is really rare, due to a large number of competing blogs, and rarer.

I recommend you should set ideally on quality and consistency, and once you have built up on content and your blog get a certain number of users shared your content, have recommended and sought, usually comes success. So stay tuned and persevere, then the success will come to you.

What is your problem in blogging? Can you tell me because I want to learn from your failure experience too? 🙂