You want to have more YouTube subscribers, but don’t know how? Of course, I tried different ways in my YouTube channel and looked at many YouTube channels. I have asked other YouTubers to find out as well as I can get more subscribers. Ultimately, it worked, and the number of subscribers is growing continuously since I follow these tips. So how I did it? In this post, I want to give you the 7 tips to get more subscribers to your channel.

Let’s find out!

1. Find a unique niche for your channel that pleases you!

It is very important that you stand behind what you do. Think about exactly what you like and search a possible topic that you might already have a long time as a hobby. Then you can know that you will persevere.

Don’t think about earning money firstly! Just try to make your channel become popular as much as possible.

2. Uploading the regular new video to your channel!

It’s an important thing you need to upload regularly video to your YouTube channel. So you can use the YouTube scheduling feature which you can plan your videos at a specific time. Many successful YouTuber also has a fixed day and a fixed time, when their next video goes online. Yeah! Do follow them!

Don’t upload all videos at once because if you publish them all at once it can become useless videos and also remember your audience can’t watch all your videos at once. Boring!

And the good video takes time and ideas to create but when you’re done you will love what did!

3. Subscribe to channels from your same niche and featured those channels on your channel!

Subscribe to other YouTubers in your same niche! Add those channels on your channel list of suggestions, but unless you find the channels look good.

4. View other videos from your same niche and comment on it!

Building a YouTube community is a working way! So watch videos of other YouTubers from your same niche regularly! You can find the videos from the subscribed channels, and search via YouTube. When searching you can also search by date and you watch the latest videos. This has the advantage that you can meet on channels that have an active community.

So you have to like and comment on those videos! Do this to promote your channel by linking it in the comments but take this opportunity carefully, not every comment.

5. Tell friends and neighbors about your channel!

Very Important: Tell everyone you know what you’re doing. The first subscriber you will probably get from your friends and neighbors. Ask your friends to their opinion. If they think your channel cool, they would like to tell their other friends or to share your channel.

Focusing on the people who are interested in your channel and your topic!

6. Link to your channel in your social media profiles!

Don’t forget to link your channel to your other social media profiles such Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc, because this way can attract new subscribers.

Hint: Did you own blog, please share your channel on it! Write something about the background and background stories of your videos! This way you can win for your subject with the help of search engines to new audiences.

7. Be active and respond to comments on your channel!

Respond as soon as possible to the comments! It keeps the discussion going. It is important to offend anyone. If you don’t like any comments, then just ignore it.

Look at the comments, which one help you further. Take it seriously! Just say thanks for the support and good advice to improve your relationship wth your viewers.

Bonus Tip: Participate in forums, on blogs and social media groups about your topic!

You can gain many new subscribers on YouTube via other websites. So you can use other networks such as forums, blogs or any other social media groups that deal with your topic. Log in there and participate yourself to the group. Introduce yourself and make friend with them!

Just make sure you back with promote your channel. But remember to mention your channel in your profile.

Inspire things you need to know in getting more YouTube subscribers!

Finally, I have a few very important note and a quote!

Test yourself and find your own style.”: This is important so that your fans can identify with you.

“Don’t try to be the perfect in the beginning.”: This won’t succeed; even if you think you know everything. For between knowing and doing are worlds apart.

“Hang in there and stand behind what you’re doing”: Many YouTubers take months before they have relevant subscriber numbers.

As the words of Henry Ford: “I know some people who fail. But I know many who give up.”

Has the post helped you?

I wish you will success with your channel. And if you think this post has helped, then I would appreciate a comment from you (of course, you can promote your YouTube channel too. 🙂